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Educated” By Tara Westover. This article in the form of an Educated book summary by chapter.

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Educated book Summary; Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated, follows her journey from rural Idaho to the Ph.D. program at Cambridge University. She struggles against her family’s devout, isolationist religious beliefs and fights for education. She is learning along the way to be educated to know much more about the world than what’s contained in books—growing up at the foot of a mountain called “buck’s peak” in a rural Idaho country. Her overbearing father ruled Tara’s life. Gene is the -a charismatic but paranoid and delusional man. He believed that the U.S. government was poisoning and corrupting its citizens. Through Godless education, Satanic medical practices, and surveillance methods designed to strip every citizen of their freedom. (educated book setting)

Adopting a self-sufficient, survivalist lifestyle, Gene put his children to work at a young age in his scrapyard. And hoarded supplies for the “Days of Abomination,” which he always believed were just around the corner. As a result of Gene’s isolating his family and denying them medical assistance in emergencies or education in anything other than the Bible and the ways of life on the harsh mountain, the Westover family suffered many terrible and debilitating accidents. Tara’s mother, Faye, suffered brain damage during a car accident. And this damage was non-treatable.

As a result, she developed intense migraines, memory loss and turned to her delusions for comfort. Through a finger motion called “Muscle Testing,” she believed that she could determine whether one was Sick or well and divine complicated questions straight from God himself. Faye began the essential oil business, which would soon take off locally and nationally. And provide the family with enormous sums of money that would be used in continual preparation for the End of Days. Tara worked in her father’s scrapyard but dream of living everyday life like the other children she met in town as a young girl. (Educated chapter 3 summary)

He met and dated through the theatre and soon turned his violence on Tara. Shawn always insisted that the violent physical and emotional assaults against Tara were fun and games. The pattern of abuse and reconciliation between them spiraled out of control for many years. When Shawn suffered a series of accidents during construction work which left him with permanent brain damage, Tara blamed his escalating violence and shortening temper on his suffering.

Tara began to realize that the only way to escape her claustrophobic and dangerous family would be to go to college with the encouragement of her brother Tyler. He’d already left home and studied hard enough to gain college admission. Tara looked for the ACT, applied to the prestigious Mormon institution Brigham Young University, and was accepted. Despite never having set foot in the classroom in her life

At BYU, Tara was overwhelmed by the “gentiles” secular people who are casual Mormons- all around her and intimated by her classmates. During an early lecture, when a professor mentioned the term “holocaust,” Tara raised her hand to ask what the word meant. When her classmate responded in disgust, Tara looked up the time herself on a library computer- faced with the destruction, violence, and grief of the holocaust and her ignorance of the genocide. She realized how little she truly knew about the world around her.

Tara’s Struggle

Tara struggled through her first several years of college to reconcile the expanding worldview and increasing skepticism of Mormonism with the continuous pull-up to return home to her family.

Through her visits during summers and holidays, Tara is subjected to the violence and humiliation of Shawn’s assaults, her father’s nonsensical tirades, and her mother’s cool indifference. The emotional tug-of-war she plays with her family throughout the years makes her emotionally withdrawn and physically ill.

But with the help of her new friends, Church community, and professors, she realizes that she must make her own choices and take charge of her fate. Tara’s father has burnt during an accident on the mountain- an accident that echoes a burn injury. Tara’s brother Luke suffered many years earlier.

For the first time, she sees the cyclical and nonsensical suffering and violence her family continually puts themselves through in the name of their twisted beliefs. One of the most frequently asked questions from educated book club questions is:

How Many Chapters In Educated?

Educated Book Contains 352 pages and almost 32 chapters. The writer of the book is Tara WestoverEducated (2018) is a memoir. 

Tara is offered the opportunity to apply to a study abroad program at the prestigious Cambridge University. She accepts it- though she fears full of what it will mean to put an ocean between herself and her family. In Cambridge, Tara feels insecure and unworthy. But her professes, impressed by her sponge-like brain and mystified by her lack of educational background, eagerly support and encourage her to believe in herself.

Educated Book Summary Climax

After returning to America, Tara questions her place in the Mormon faith- and within her own family. She is confronted with the knowledge that her parents believe terrible racism and nonsense conspiracy theories will never change. She applies to study at Cambridge University in pursuit of a Ph.D. There, she continues to expand her consciousness and learn how to make choices for herself. She receives vaccinations and immunization after 20 something years of being uninoculated. She studies feminism for the first time in her life.

With each trip home to buck’s Peak for Christmas or holiday, she witnesses Shawn’s violence against his young wife, Emily. Gene and Faye’s immersion in their booming oil business(which Tara knows to be built on fraud and delusion). Her sister Audrey’s silent suffering- Audrey was abused by Shawn, too.

Tara and Audrey discuss joining forces to share the truth of their lives with their family finally. Still, as communications break down, loyalties shift, and Audrey is faced with the threat of being disowned. She clams up and cuts herself off from Tara, leaving Tara standing alone against her family.

After Shawn tells Tara that he wants to kill Audrey for speaking badly about him, Tara confronts her parents at a loss- but they demand proof. When Tara is unable to show any, she calls Shawn over to hash things out. Shawn brandishes a bloody knife and threatens Tara with it- she escapes to the bathroom and admonishes herself for trying to stand up to Shawn at all.

She recounts all of her claims against him. She returns to Cambridge, where she begins suffering night terrors, anxiety, and depression. Shawn calls to threaten her, promising to send “assassins” to England to take care of her. Again Tara’s parents fail to defend her when she tells them what’s going on—even claiming that Shawn is justified in his attempts to protect his family against Tara’s hate and cylinder.

Educated Book Quotes

“You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye to them,” she says now. “You can miss a person every day and still be glad that they are no longer in your life.”

― Tara Westover

As Tara begins to spiral, she questions her memories and sanity in the face of her family’s gaslighting and manipulation. She accepts a fellowship at Harvard- but can hardly enjoy the accomplishment.

Tara’s parents come to visit her at Harvard and attempt to “reconvert” her. Dad offers Tara his blessing and says that if she takes back everything she is said and done to tear the family apart, she can come home and be welcomed back into the fold. Tara denies her father’s offer, but after her parents leave and her mental state continues to decline, she books a trip home to Idaho, desperate to reconnect. When she arrives, she finds emails on her mother’s computer, which denounce Tara to their county and community members as a liar and a fraud. She knows that they are not genuinely welcome.

She leaves abruptly, promising to return but knowing she may never see her parents again. Back to Cambridge, her tenure at University Harvard finished. Tara flails and risks feeling her Ph.D. She holes up in her room and watches television, rejecting her friends’ and professors’ attempts to get through to her. Tara’s brother Tyler sends her an email stating that he has heard what’s going on and supports- her unequivocally. And is denouncing and serving himself from their parents- Tara feels a burst of sport and joy find the strength to begin attending counseling and finish her Ph.D.

After her degree is conferred and she moved to London with her steadfast boyfriend, Drew. Tara is proud and truly happy for the first time in a long time- but knows he needs to make one final trip to buck’s Peak to reclaim her history.

For her grandmother’s funeral, Tara connects with her mother’s estranged sisters in buck’s Peak. She finds solace in their love and support. At Church, she sees her entire family gathered together- but most of them barely even glance her way. Tara sits with her siblings Tyler and Richard- the three of them, the ones who have chosen to pursue an education, are on the opposite side of a vast chasm from the rest of the Westover clan.

Educated Book Summary Ending

In the book’s final pages, Tara admits that she still often feels unworthy of her education or like an imposter for choosing to pursue one- she shares. She’ll always be the little girl in men’s jeans working the scrapyard up on buck’s Peak.

At the same time, she has found refuge in the understanding that education is a lifelong process. Her teaching has accepted transformation, betrayal, and metamorphosis as painful but inevitable parts of human life.

Educated Book Themes

We have taken some significant themes from the educated book summary: Memory, History, and Subjectivity. Learning and Education. Devoutness and Delusion. Family, Abuse, and Entrapment.

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