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The Book Thief Summary Begins:

The Book Thief Summary; The starting scene of the book begins with the sight of clouds above the Earth. And a dead narrator’s male voice is heard. That no one lives forever either he struggles too much My advice is not to panic in any situation, Now, a passing train is seen in a snowfield. And the main character Liesel is there. This era is Nazi Germany World War II. Liesel encounters her younger brother’s death on the train, who is buried at a place stopping.

Now, 1938 in Germany is shown, and Liesel sitting in a car passes through a snowfield. She is going to her new foster parents. Mother’s name is Rosa and father’s name is Hans. She reaches her house. The following day, Hans is playing a musical instrument and says good morning as Liesel comes downstairs. Rosa asks Liesel to call me Mama while Papa to Hans. After a while, Someone knocks at the door; There is a child named Rudy. Later, he becomes the best friend, Liesel.

Liesel goes to school with Rudy. When Rudy and Liesel reach school and move to the class, they find standing kids before the teacher. The teacher asks the name of Liesel and gives chalk to her so that she might write her name on the board. Liesel is illiterate, so she marks three crosses on the board to know that Liesel does not know how to write. The kiss is the book thief summary.

All kids make fun, but the teacher says ‘silence’ to everyone and asks Leisel to go to her seat. Afterward, Liesel comes back to the house, and her mother takes her inside. At night, Leisel’s father says her Good night and sees that Liesel has a book. Do You want to Watch the Animated The Thief Book Summary? Then Click to play. The book thief summary part 1

The Book Thief Analysis:

Book Title: The Book Thief

The book thief author: Markus Zusak

The Book thief Genre:  Historical Fiction

 Hans asks, Is it yours in reality? Leisel replies, “it is always mine. It is my brother’s. Then he asks, Do you know what has been written here? On it, Liesel replies, No! Because she does not know how to read. Hans says I am not a good reader. Despite it, Let’s start! Then they read the book.

Wearing a uniform, Liesel sings a song about Germans the following day. Meanwhile, in November 1938 is shown where the army is breaking the window glasses in a market behaving violently. The pages are shattered in the street everywhere. Now a House’s door is knocked off a house by Someone.

And a new character named Max is introduced. He is a jew. He escapes from soldiers. Then Liesel’s house is shown again where Liesel’s father Hans teaches her reading and says, promise me my exact burial after my death. Then Hans takes the book from her saying to come with me. I have a surprise for you and bring Liesel to the basement where the writing words and alphabets are on the wall.

Calling it a dictionary, he hands over her chalk and permits her to write these words here. Liesel is fond of reading and writing, so fills with joy. Leisel says, Thanks, papa! Afterward, Someone arrives to take Hans to the house knocking on the door. Hans calls Liesel to come hurriedly; otherwise, we will miss the parade. It is the nighttime, all town people are gathered were an army officer is presenting a speech. He says, during the National Socialist Revolution, our nation should be decreased. We determine to clean ourselves morally and intellectually.

The Book Thief Summary Quote

“I have hated words, and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.” 

Education, theater, literature, film, and press are all supporting pillars that can shape the personality of our nation. This is the reason for our gathering so that we may free ourselves from intellectual dirt. Then they burn the heap of books keeping amid of them. And he says we have to root out the illness that has infected Germany for the last 20 years.

We will face our enemy if war occurs and stand for our future until we get the final victory. Such war will destroy our enemy. Liesel hears it attentively. And all people are sloganizing. Officer also says that we will eliminate all the communists and jews. He then Sloganize, Great German Adolf Hitler! Then all people sing a song straightening their hands. After a bit of time, everyone leaves. Liesel goes to a burning place of books and hides a fallen book in her coat, picking it up.

The Book Thief Summary Climax

Coming there, Hans says that I have asked you to meet me in church. Liesel says, sorry, papa! Books’ pages are scattered everywhere. Leisel coughs because the little burnt book is in her coat. Hans says nothing about it but only utters, and we will keep it secret and read it like other books going in the basement. Liesel is pleased. And asks, Was my real mama communist? Was he was Hitler who killed my mama? And says I wouldn’t say I like Hitler. Hans forbids to say it before anyone. Coming home, Liesel reads the book name “The Invisible Man” by H.G Wells. Suddenly, Someone knocks at the door. He is the same character Max who is the first Jewish fighter. He asks for help in a worrying condition.

Rosa and Hans suggest he go upstairs. Hans informs Liesel, Max’s father died in the war, sacrificing his life for me. And I am owed of his family. Then he says to Liesel, give me your words that you will neither tell bout our visitors to anyone nor your soul. Liesel assures them to keep comments and goes to school the next day. Playing with Rudy after school, she comes to her house. When Jewish, Max is asleep at night and has a book in his hand. Liesel is nearly to take his book, suddenly Max awakes.

And calls her a curious girl. She returns his book, asking about the book. Max says it is about Hitler. Liesel asks, are you hiding from Hitler? Are you communist? Have they killed your mom? On it, Max replies, No, I am Jew. The following day, Rosa comes to Liesel, assigns work to her, giving some Laundry clothes, And asks to visit a house. In a bit of time, she reaches that house with Rudy. Where an old lady Ilsa calls her inside, taking her into the library. She perhaps got it that Liesel is interested in learning. Touching books, Liesel feels pleasure and takes a book named” The Dream Career.” She then remembers Rudy is waiting for her outside, so she leaves, telling old lady Ilsa.

But old lady Ilsa offers her to come for a book reading at any time. Now Max is shown in the basement because Hans’s family fears the soldiers’ raid Because Max is a Jew. Liesel also goes to the cellar and continues book reading. And a new word always writes with chalk on the wall of the basement, considering it difficult. Max asks her, Where do you find these words? On it, Liesel calls it a secret. The book thief movie.

Later, she reveals the place where she goes for a book reading and memorizes it. Afterward, Max gifts Liesel a book. He tells me I have learned from my religion that every living being, every leaf, and the bird is only alive as they have secret words of life. The words matter if we differentiate between clay and ourselves. Words are life. Gradually, Snowfall increases the cold, and Max falls ill due to the basement’s cold temperature. The book thief summary part 2

Now Liesel thinks Max will be dead and puts her dead brother’s pick on him. And reads books as ever.” The Invisible Man by H.G Wells. A stranger arrived here in February and wintry days of biting wind and driving snow. No one could know about him until he is dead. Later, Liesel stealthily to the Old lady’s house library and steals a book through the window, Because Ilsa’s husband forbids laundry service.

With time, she keeps stealing books one by one in a hidden way from the library, and Rudy also knows about it. But she says, I have only borrowed. After that, Liesel also reveals about Max to Rudy. Now many soldiers make their visit to this area for the checking of jew or communist presence. Liesel’s family is alert. At night, The area people move to a place with their bags coming outside on soldiers’ raids. Leaving Max at home, Rosa and Hans with Leisel also hide at that place. But Max comes outside from the house and feels pleasure.

He is looking at the stars of the sky happily. Suddenly a soldier van approaches. He hides quickly. He decides to leave the next day so that this family may not get harm because of his presence. Liesel becomes sorrowful about Max’s departure. Max leaves in the darkness of night. Liesel weeps a lot, Rosa and Hans are also distressed.

Then It is also known the next day that Liesel’s best friend has also been selected for the elite training, That he will start in summer. Meanwhile, Hans also receives a post for his selection by the army. Leisel says everyone is departing, even Rudy. Hans advises them to care for her mother, Rosa, because she is not strong enough. Hans also leaves. After a long time, Liesel is sitting on the stairs holding a book.

Within a time, a ranger van approaches there, and Hans comes. Liesel is pleased to see him and says, papa! As you have come back home! Hans sitting in his house, talks with Liesel; Liesel says, I was surprisingly thinking about Max as where is he? Hans says the same. War is broken out again because these are war days. Everything is destroyed the next day; Houses are dashed into dust, dead bodies are shattered everywhere. Everything fully perishes.

The Book Thief Summary Ending

A live girl is found under a place by soldiers. She is Liesel, who is survived. And She is wounded and says mama, papa as comes out. But her family is no more. Rosa, Hans, and Rudy are all dead. She loses her consciousness. Coming into their senses, she finds a book under the bricks.

Meanwhile, old lady Ilsa arrives there in her car, whose house Leisel used to go for book stealing. Running, she embraces that lady. Two years later, Liesel is shown to serve in Rudy’s father’s tailor shop. And she catches the sight of Max at the door, and she meets him pleasurably. Now the 1945 time is shown. And United States troops have occupied Germany. Now the story moves to its ending.

The same cloudy view as in the opening scene was shown. Then death narrator’s male voice is heard. I encountered great things. I have attended the worst destruction of the World. I have also seen the great wonders. But I will say that no one lives forever.

At last, I came to Liesel feeling egotistical pleasure. Because During these 90 years, she had wisely spent life. Her stories touched the soul of many people. Max’s friendship was as everlasting as Liesel’s. In her last thoughts, she faces many lives tied with her, such as her three kids and a grandchild with Hans, Rosa, and Rudy. In the end, there were no words but peace.

The Book Thief themes

There are some themes of the book thief summary below:

  1. Love
  2. Literature and Writing
  3. War
  4. Mortality
  5. Identity
  6. Criminality
  7. Language & Communication
  8. Courage
  9. Suffering

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