A Good Man is Hard To Find Summary

Story Begins

A Good Man is Hard To Find Summary: This is a story of a family planning a road trip from Georgia to Florida. The grandma, an old, garrulous woman, actually needs to get her Tennessee, but Bailey insists on Florida. Despite the grandmother’s advice of a left prisoner, The Misfit, Bailey, the grandma, Bailey’s wife, and three children, John Wesley, June Star, and a newborn, pack up and go out to Florida. A good man is hard to find analysis will reveal the exact meaning of the novel.

As they travel, the grandmother mentions a nearby old house with the treasure, enticing the family to investigate it and leave the road. However, when the grandmother realizes that she is thinking of is in Tennessee and not Georgia. She gets startled, causing Bailey to lose control of the car. The car tumbles off the back road and into a bit of a ditch, but no one is hurt. As they assess the damage to the vehicle, the family follows the car with three men.

The men seem friendly but are all carrying guns. Quickly, the grandmother recognizes one of the men as The Misfit. The Misfit instructs his two partners to take Bailey and John Wesley in the nearby woods and shoot them. Then he leads them to take Bailey’s wife with the newborn and June Star in the woods and shoot them as well.

Meanwhile, the grandmother tells The Misfit that he’s too good of a man to shoot an old lady. In the end, The Misfit shoots the grandmother. Through The Misfit, we see a person who the prison system has worked. His mind is murky, and his assumptions, while considerable. Firstly, Leave the grandmother and readers questioning themselves about religious and philosophical ideals. But more importantly, the system has affected the Misfit to the purpose, where he doesn’t honestly remember why he was incarcerated. Maybe time isn’t the only thing that prisoners lose. However, Maybe to be truly institutionalized means that one experiences change yet fails to know why. (a good man is hard to find symbolism)

At the top of the story, the lingering question is whether or not The Misfit is the grandmother’s son or not. The author could have presented this scenario as more symbolic. Whenever, But there are clues in the story that support this notion. Although unsure, The Misfit thinks that he was put in prison because he murdered his father, which does coincide with the absence of the grandmother’s husband.

Story Ending

However, At the end of the story, the grandmother also refers to The Misfit as her son. However, this could have been because he put on Bailey’s blue shirt, and she started to panic. Therefore, while it’s established that the grandmother recognizes Bailey as her only son because the grandmother is highly judgmental and old-fashioned, she could have disowned The Misfit for his criminal past, which does technically leave her with only one son.

As readers get to know the grandmother through prose and dialogue, she comes to represent a person who likes to live in the past. At the end of the story, she needs to go to Tennessee to inspect excellent old acquaintances.

A Good Man is Hard to Find moral lesson

In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” there Two kinds of people, morally speaking: Those who know they are bad people and those who are bad people yet who insist on believing they are good. In short, she is a person of no moral integrity. The benefits she supports are not the cause of her performance — not by a long shot.

A good man is hard to find summary

A Good Man is Hard To Find Theme

“The main themes in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” are finding grace, prejudice, and family. … Family: The meaning of kinship is explored through the antics of this dysfunctional family and the grandmother’s epiphany that the Misfit is ‘one of my own’.”

A good man is hard to find summary

A Good Man is Hard to Find Character Analysis

Here’s list of all characters that discussed in the summary.

  • The Grandmother
  • The Misfit
  • Bailey
  • John Wesley
  • June Star
  • The Mother
  • Red Sammy Butts
  • Bobby Lee
  • Hiram

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