To Build a Fire Summary

We have a basic story, “To Build a Fire,” is written by “Jack London.” After the gold rush, it’s during the naturalist movement, so nature plays the leading role. The story has a basic plot. The man has to get from point A: “The trailhead” to point B: Basecamp.” The temperature is dangerously cold, and the man who never gets named is alone.

So solitude plays a role in this as well the imagery of the area. The setting is its character. It plays a function unto itself. We will cover building a fire literary analysis answers also.

To Build a Fire Summary and Analysis

The Main Points of the Plot are these:

This story begins at dawn: The man has to get to the boys before sundown, giving him a few daylight hours. He walks with practical knowledge, not a deeper secondary. Now there’s a matter of fact that says on “Page 1” that the quote lacks imagination, which is his problem. And He doesn’t think things through. He knows but the second level of knowledge.

He seems to lack remember. He’s up there prospecting for timber. So he knows what it’s like up there, and he knows how to navigate, but the omniscient third-person narrator says. Well, you know, he doesn’t quite think it through, and that is a problem. So he begins his walk, and he walks carefully middle of the day. He successively builds a fire. This is a crucial point, and he eats lunch, his biscuits with bacon grease spread out all over them and some bacon. He walks carefully.

He’s then joined by a husky like the one in the picture, and here’s the issue and the main problem with the story. He breaks through the ice and gets wet, and at that temperature, that could be a death sentence, and he knows this. So he builds a fire, but this second idea is because he makes a fire and slowly imperceptibly the tree. He builds it under shakes a little bit as he snips off twigs and branches.

Because he builds a fire under that branch, the slight heat from the new fire and there’s minor shaking that went on the snow cascades tumble down snuffs out. The fire and a desperate man freezes to death on the trail; the dog lives, but the man dies.

To Build A Fire Theme

Man Versus Nature

To build a fire summary naturalism: It’s man versus nature, and that’s an obvious, one he is in a rough section of character, and he loses the battle at the end. A less discussed theme is man versus man. He feels! He’s capable. He knows that. That older man from Sulphur Creek: The representative wise older man said things to him, but on his, inside The feelings, he has in himself. He’s like, I’m not going to take that into account. However, I’m going to walk anyway, I’m not going to listen to that old fool, and there are some youths: youthful arrogance. They’re right.

You have a guy in solitude in the Yukon Territory way up north rugged individualism, but because of that bit of hubris, that bit of arrogance. He does not listen to the man from Sulphur Creek, and it winds up costing him. So the dog, who is also unnamed, operates by instinct doesn’t necessarily think in the way we do. However, The dog loves the man who has felt arrogance and feels that he can defeat nature. He can beat the elements, but the man dies.

Man Versus Dog

Another exciting thing about the “Man Versus Dog” stuff is: the dog is the man’s servant. The dog pays attention and follows the man’s commands, but he is the one ironically to survive. And the man who can think and create dies the power of nature is never to be underestimated. And the fact that no one has a name in the story is interesting.

It gives the story a stark, cold feel. Even says it certainly was hard a few times within the first two pages. It indeed was called summarizing this short story.

You have the inner battle within. And You have the importance of the journey. This man’s journey is the whole story; he never gets to the end—his inner arrogance and youthfulness versus. The older man’s wisdom and experience are another battles. Another conflict and the imagery itself the setting is its role. The scene: The cold, The snow brings about death, and there is your ending to build a fire.

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