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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Analysis

I am going to talk about “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight” written by pearl Poets. The “Pearl” poet is the name scholars have given to “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Author.” However, his real name and identity are unknown. The term pearl borrows from the title of a shorter poem found within the same manuscript as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

I will summarize this poem, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” which features an omniscient third-person narrator. However, The narrator promises to tell King Arthur’s strange and extraordinary tale and his court in the new year. Arthur and his warriors feast at Camelot. They are interrupted by a splendid warrior, the Green Knight, who challenges Arthur’s men to a duel Sir Gawain, Arthur’s nephew and one of his most loyal. Knights take the challenge and chops off the Green Knights’ head. The Green Knight survives to the court’s shock speaking from his severed head.

The Green Knight Challenge

He challenges Sir Gawain to another duel in a year. And a day, Gawain commands to come to the Green Knights home’s green chapel and fight him there. In early November, Gawain sets off on a long weary journey in winter weather. He’s not sure where to find the green chapel. He rides alone until Christmas Eve when he finds a castle. Gawain asks to stay there temporarily. And the lord of the castle Bertil Octa Oak desert is happy to host him. Gawain feasts with the castle royalty for three days. Now he has only three days left to find the Green Knight and the green chapel by the New Year.

Vert Alec agrees to show him the green chapel if Gawain stays three more days. Gawain agrees to conform. Bert Alec will allow Gawain to rest and enjoy the Lady of Ho-deserts company for three days. Meanwhile, vert Alec and his men will hunt each evening. Bert Alec and Gawain will give the other what they have gotten during the day as such on the first and second both men share on the evening. Bird Alec and his men have the most challenging hunt yet on the third day, but they managed to capture a fox.

Meanwhile, the lady of the oak desert professes her love for Gawain. She offers him the gift of a red ring, which he declines. Then, she offers him a green silk lace saying; the lace will protect any warrior who wears it from being wounded. Gawain realizes that the laces powers will be helpful in his duel with the Green Knight and accepts the gift. They kissed three times. Gawain hides the lace and exchanges kisses with Bertie lock a final time. However, Verda luck says he’ll send a man to accompany Gawain to the green chapel. The next day in the morning, Gawain dresses, remembering to put on the lace. He rides off with the servant.

Bertie lock has sent from the castle then servant instructs him to go down. A grassy slope to a ravine, Gawain rides the path alone to a hollow tree. He’s surprised by the spectacle of his surroundings and wonders. If this is, indeed, the chapel, then the Green Knight calls out to him.

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Themes

• The Nature of Chivalry
• The Letter of the Law

They greet each other before the duel. Gawain bows to receive the first blow, but he flinches. However, The Green Knight mocks him. Gawain promises he won’t jump for the second blow, but he grows irritated when the Green Knight fakes an impact rather than hitting him. The third blow nicks go Wayne, but it doesn’t hurt him badly. Gawain Springs away, saying that he fulfilled his bargain and will fight the Green Knight if necessary.

The Green Knight explains that he’s been watching Gawain’s behavior over the past three nights. However, He reveals himself to be the lady of HO deserts husband Bert Alec in disguise. He faked his first two blows out of respect for Gawain’s restraint with his wife, but he knows Gawain accepted the lace and therefore nicked Gawain. The third time as a punishment, he concludes that Gawain’s loyalty failed a little. Gawain is still the noblest knight.

Story Ending!

He’s ever seen Gawain is furious with himself for failing the test. He takes off the lace, which reminds him of his faults. The Green Knight acknowledges his duplicity. And invites Gawain to return to his castle for Victor’s feast and to reconcile with his wife. Gawain admits a woman, like many men, has deceived him before him. He respectfully declines the offer to stay in return to King Arthur’s Court, where he is greeted as a hero. However, He keeps the lace, and all King Arthur’s lords and ladies decide to wear a similar green band to honor him.

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