A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Summary Plot Setting

A very old man with enormous wings summary: This book is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a short story by Colombian writer and author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The tale wrote in 1968 and published in the May to June 1968 issue of the journal “Casa De Los Americas.” The work was published in English in the new American review 13 in 1971. It appeared in the 1972 book leaf storm and other stories. The short story involves the eponymous character who appears in a family’s backyard on a stormy night. What follows are the reactions of the family a town and outside visitors.

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Summary Plot Setting

This story falls within the genre of a magic realism plot summary. The story begins after three days of rain crabs are infesting Pelio and Della. His house and causing a horrible stench which is believed to be making their baby sick.

When Pelio returns from throwing the crabs into the sea, he sees a very old man with wings laying face down in the mud in his courtyard, startled. Pelio goes to get his wife, and they examine the man. He is dressed in raggedy clothing and is very dirty. (A Very old man with Enormous Wings character analysis)

After staring at him for so long, Pelio and Elisenda can overcome their initial shock of seeing the man with wings. They try to speak to him, but the man says in an incomprehensible dialect. They decide he is a castaway from a shipwreck. However, a neighbor informs them that the man is an angel the following day.

The entire town knows about the man with wings who is said to be an angel. Pelio decides to chain up the man and keep him in the chicken coop. A day later, when the rain stops, the baby is feeling better and can eat. Pelio and Elisenda want to send the old man out to sea with food and water for three days and let nature take care of him.

However, when they go out to their courtyard. They see a mass of people gathered around the chicken coop to see the angel. They are harassing him by treating him like a circus animal. Instead of a person, the priest’s father. Gonzaga comes by the house because he is surprised by the news of the angel.

At this time, onlookers are making hypotheses about what should happen to the angel, saying things like. He should be the world leader, or he should be a military leader to win all wars. However, father Gonzaga determines whether the man is an angel or not by speaking to him in Latin.

Since the man with wings did not recognize Latin and look too human, the priest decides the man could not be an angel. Father Gonzaga then warns the onlookers that the man is not an angel. However, the people do not care, and word spreads that the old man with wings is an angel. People began coming from all over to Pellio and Ella Santa’s house to see the angel.

It reaches a point that they have to build a fence and charge people admission. However, the old man wants nothing to do with his act. His audiences attempt to get him to react, at one point, prodding him with hot iron pokers. The angel responds in anger flapping his wings and yelling in his strange language. (A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings symbolism)

Later a new carnival arrives in town, bringing a woman who is metamorphosed into a spider. The town’s people lose interest in the angel. However, polio and Melinda can build a mansion with a fortune. They have gained by charging admission. The child grows older and is told not to go into the chicken coop.

Yet the child does, and later the child and the older man have chickenpox simultaneously. Once the child is of school-age, the chicken coop is broken down, and the man appears in palio and Ella Santa’s house. He then moves into the shed and becomes very ill, yet he survives the winter and becomes stronger.

One fateful day, Alcindo makes lunch and looks out the window to see the older man trying to fly. His first attempts are clumsy, but eventually, he can gain altitude and fly away from his belly and Ella Santa’s house. Elizondo is relieved for herself and him upon seeing him go themes.

There is a theme of interpreting authority structures, as we see with father Gonzaga and the neighbor. There is also a theme of the human condition when considering the older man and how he is not seen as angelic because of his earthly qualities. The human condition is essential when considering the spider woman as her tail attracts visitors because they can pity her.

A Very Old man with Enormous Wings theme

Some other themes are the parallels between the child and the angel. The two seem to connect the theme of wings and their symbolism represented in the story. The significance of the branches about the older man’s characteristics and Marquez’s use of attachments can be interpreted to act as a logic of supplement.

The wings separate this older man from the rest of the community even when the doctor is examining the wings. They appear natural but different from the normal anatomy. There is also an underlying theme of questioning sacred and secular images. Uncertainty and ambiguity are also seen throughout the piece.

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