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Hi there. Today I’m going to summarize a book for you which I read almost a week ago. This book is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. First, let me tell you what A Court of Thorns and Roses is about? This book is a love story between its two main characters Feyre and Tamlin. Although Feyre doesn’t like Fae, she fell in love with Tamlin and wasn’t able to tell him, but later on, she saves him and other people from that wicked queen. (don’t worry, I will describe this in detail later). Now let me tell you about the characters in this book.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Characters

Feyre: She is the heroine of this story and a human. 

Tamlin: He is the hero and High Lord of Spring Court. He has golden hair, and he wears a mask.

Lucien: He is Tamlin’s friend and also his advisor in the Spring Court.

Amarantha: She is the cruel queen of Prythian.

Rhysand: He is the High Lord of the Night Court, And Queen’s close friend.

What is the Setting of A Court of Thorns and Roses story?

This story revolves around three places and five characters. I’ve already told you the characters. And the places are Land of the Fae, A part of Prythian, and the Spring Court.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Summary

Feyre and her whole family are facing hard times. The entire society has shunned them, and there is no help. They find themselves starving as there is no food, and it’s a matter of time when they would die to starve. So, Feyre took the responsibility to hunt for something to eat. One day while she is roaming in the forest looking to pursue, she spots a Doe. As she prepares to hunt, she gets shocked by seeing a giant wolf who attacked the doe first. She thinks it may be a fae in its wolf form, but as she hates Fae, she shoots her with an ash arrow too.

She wins and gets the doe to home but not much longer after that; a wolf faerie comes to her demanding revenge for murdering a wolf. He demanded life for a life as it’s decided in the treaty. Feyre chose to go with him instead of getting killed in the name of revenge. He took her, and they started their journey to his house.

That wolf’s name is Tamlin. He was a High Lord in Spring Court. He lives in an enormous and beautiful manor. She also meets Lucien, Tamlin’s friend and an advisor to him in the Spring Court. Tamlin was very kind. She is surprised when she sees that Tamlin hasn’t hurt her or locked her up as people usually do to get revenge.

Feyre sees that everyone in this place is wearing some mask. She was stunned why they were doing this. Then she knows that there is a plight in this which affects the magic, and the masks are magically attached to their faces. They were looking for a cure as they are worried that this could spread to mortal lands too. Feyre becomes concerned about her family, and also now, when she is here, there is no one to hunt for them, and they would starve to death. But eventually, Tamlin satisfies her by making her believe that he took care of this matter. 

While Feyre is trying to pass her time, Tamlin tries to become her friend. He offers her to teach her reading and provides her with painting gears, but she hesitates to trust him, and this relationship is new and sudden. As time passes, She realizes that there is something that Tamlin and Lucien are not telling her about the plight.

So she summoned a Suriel, a kind of low Fae, who was compelled to tell the truth and tells her that Kingdom Hybern is ruled by a wicked king who doesn’t like the treaty between humans and Faes. One hundred years ago, he sent a Fae who was a spy to get information from other High Courts. Then 50 years ago, one of his commanders disobeyed. He was telling her about it when suddenly they got attacked and Tamlin saved Feyre.

What was the Treaty in A Court of Thorns and Roses?

The treaty was created between Humans and Faes 500 years ago. This treaty was about to keep Fae and humans separate. A wall was made with solid magic to keep humans on one side of the wall and Fae on the other side.

Feyre starts hearing about a very cruel woman who has killed Faes many times; later, she finds out that they are referring to a self-proclaimed queen, Amarantha.

A solstice celebration starts there; while everyone is celebrating, Tamlin and Feyre go away to a field where they kiss. While they were talking, a handsome High Lord of Night Court, Rhysand, shows up there. He was known to be close to the queen herself. Tamlin begs him not to tell the queen about Feyre, but he starts threatening them.

Feyre introduced her as Clare Beddor. He leaves, then Tamlin decides to send Feyre to her human world. She came back home and saw that Tamlin had taken care of everything so well. After some time, a manor of Clare Beddor burned to the ground, a fake name she took in front of Rhysand. She gets worried and decides to go back to Tamlin to see if everything is good or not.

She makes her way back to the manor and sees no one except a servant Alis. Alis told her about queen Amarantha that how she fought in a mortal war alongside her sister Clythia but Clythia fell in love with a human, and then that human betrayed her and killed her. After that, she started hating humans. Now Feyre came here without the king’s permission to take over prythian for her own. She has taken Tamlin. She also tells her that she can help him and everyone as there is a curse on them which can be broken by a human who has killed a fae out of hatred then fell in love with a fae too.

Feyre asks Alias if she can take her to Amarantha so she can save Tamlin. Alias told her that she wants to say something, but her mouth is magically shut down. Well, Feyre goes to Amarantha. Tamlin pretends not to know her. Amarantha forced her to make a deal. She said she has to complete three tasks, every task a month, then Tamlin and all the Fae will be free, or she can solve a riddle, and everyone will be released immediately.

She completed her first task, but she got wounded. Rhysand healed her, but he demanded to spend a week every month till her life ends after all this is over. He puts a tattoo on her arm. He forced her to be his escort at parties. Do you want to read the whole book than click on download button:

A Court of Thorns and Roses PDF

Her second task was to solve a riddle, but she can’t read. Rhysand helps her and then admits that he wants to be freed from Amarantha, so he hopes that she would win and free everyone from her.

The third task is to kill three innocents Faes. Three faes come there with heads covered. It was challenging for her, but she killed the first two. She began crying when she saw that the third Fae is Tamlin, not someone else. Then she realizes that was the secret which Alias wasn’t able to tell. Tamlin used to let Feyre hear things. She knew that he had a heart of stone. She puts a dagger in his heart and completes the third task.

As he has a heart of stone, he starts healing instead of dying. Queen breaks the bargain and says, I didn’t say when I’m going to free and starts breaking Feyre’s bones with magic. But she dares to solve the riddle, which she did so everyone would be freed immediately. 

The Ending of A Court of Thorns and Roses?

Tamlin attacks the queen and kills her. Feyre got killed by the queen as she broke her neck. But she still can see everything by Rhysand because of their bond. Tamlin made Feyre an immortal High Fae. But she still has to spend time in Night Court with Rhysand as promised. 

The mountain was destroyed, but Feyre still feels depressed because of the innocent Faes she had to kill. Tamlin, Rhysand, and others can go home now. 

Thank You Very Much! You guys are amazing. Would you please come again and again and tell me if you want me to summarize a book, novel, or short story for you? Peace!

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