The Perfect Storm Book Summary

The Perfect Storm Book was written by Sebastian Junger in 1997. It is a creative non-fiction story. It was first published by W. W. Norton and Company. A later paperback edition came in 1999. The Perfect Storm Book Summary is about a ship named Andrea Gail which sank into the sea in 1991. The crew was supposed to sail to sea to get fish but never came back. Let me tell you about the main characters in the book.

The Perfect Storm Book Characters

1. Bob Brown:

Bob is the owner of the ship. He is a self-made and respected businessman and famous by the name “Suicide Bob” because of his audacity to take risks while sailing and other matters.

2. Billy Tyne:

Billy is the Captain of the ship. He took this role after Charlie Reed. He is a Gloucester native. 

3. Bobby Shatford:

Bobby is a crew member of the ship. He is engaged to Chris Cotter. He was also raised in Gloucester.

4. Chris Cotter:

Chris is Bobby’s fiancée. She is in her early 40s and the mother of three children from her previous marriage.

5. Dale Murphy:

Dale is a Crew member on the ship. He is a 30-year-old from Bradenton Beach, Florida. 

6. Alfred Pierre:

Alfred is a crew member of the ship. He is the only black crew member of the boat. He was originally from Jamaica but later moved on to New York City.

There are many other minor characters, too, which you can read here: Read More

Where was the Perfect Storm Filmed?

Perfect Storm is based on the book The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. It was filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is a coastal city.

The Perfect Storm Book Summary

It was September 1991, in the coastal city of Massachusetts, Bobby Shatford, who was supposed to join the crew on Andrea Gail in an hour, woke up next to her Fiance, Chris Cotter. He was going on a month-long ship journey to Grand Banks, a North Atlantic Fishing ground.

Bobby was raised in Gloucester by his mum. Bobby hasn’t been to his home for a week, and he was pretty hungover when he woke up. Bobby was the kind of person who would always go to parties and enjoy the day by drinking a lot. These kinds of boats Bobby was on can bring quite a lot of money which Bobby can use to pay his debts, and he is also thinking of marrying Chris as soon as he can afford it.

The owner of Andrea Gail is Bob Brown, and Captain for this trip was Billy Tyne. The other members were David Sullivan. Alfred Pierre, Dale Murphy, Bugsy Moran. A crew member named Adam Randall left the ship after having a wrong gut feeling about the trip. After much celebrating and saying tearful goodbyes, the whole crew boards the ship so they can go on an adventurous journey.

Gloucester has a great history in the fishing industry if we lead back to the 1600s, especially when the types Cod and Mackerel come to mind. This industry has proliferated in the past century because now facilities like Ice Companies. They made it easy to transport fresh fish to every corner instead of dried fish. Apart from all pros like good money, it has cons too. I mean the famous fishing ground Grand Banks is very renowned for heavy storms which are very dangerous. Along with that, fishing itself is hazardous. For example, what if a baiter accidentally hooks himself and pulls in the water before anyone can stop him.

The first half of the trip was entirely fruitless as they didn’t get anything, but then Captain Billy thinks they should change the location and try somewhere else. They decided to try fishing in Flemish Camp, east of Newfoundland, away from the entire fleet. Finally, after much hard work, he started having good luck in mid-October and returned by having almost 40000 pounds of fish. For some reason, he didn’t choose the typical way of Nova Scotia and Sable Island to come back. 

On the other hand, a sailing boat called the Satori dives in with owner Ray Leonard, staff Karen Stimpson, and Sue Bylander. Concerning this time, the National Weather Condition Service starts to track an approaching merging of storms– a typhoon from Bermuda, a Canadian cold spell, as well as a Fantastic Lakes nor’easter get on track to collide right over the Grand Financial institutions. On October 28th, the last record any individual learns through Billy Tyne is, “She’s comin’ on boys, as well as she’s comin’ on solid.” Complying with the evening, no one can get across Andrea Gail.

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 Many things could have happened to Andrea Gail; she may have flipped over because of dangerous sea waves or maybe got sunk in the water. In both scenarios, the whole crew would never survive there for more than some minutes. 

By October 30th, Hurricane Grace and the Canadian high-pressure system, rotating in different instructions, had trapped the nor’easter, a result called a retrograde, which is only seen about one time in a century. Meteorologist Bob Case called it “The Perfect Storm.”

On October 29th, Satori was struck severely. Karen Stimpson calls a mayday, and the next day, a Coast Guard cutter called the Tamaroa arrives to make a rescue attempt. After several failed efforts, a rescue swimmer named Dave Moore helps each crew member into a lift basket hanging from a helicopter as they all make it back to Boston active. The same day, owner Bob Brown repetitively falls short of getting across the Andrea Gail and ultimately reports it to the Coast Guard as missing. 

Who died in The Perfect Storm?

The whole ship sank in the ocean when they came back after getting a pretty tremendous amount of fish. They tried very hard to find anyone from the ship but found nothing. There were almost 13 casualties from this incident.

The Sorrowful Ending of The Perfect Storm Book Summary

By nightfall on October 31st, 15 Airplanes are searching tirelessly for Andrea Gail. However, after about a week of searching, all that’s ever found was some gas barrels and a deserted, EPIRB (a distress beacon) off Sable Island. Back in Gloucester, Chris Cotter, as well as other Fishermen’s loved ones battle to come to terms with the deaths– it’s as if the men have merely vanished. The following spring, Adam Randall, who’d walked off the job on the Andrea Gail, takes a position on a tuna longline, the Terri Bouquet, which suddenly and mysteriously sinks off the shore of Charleston, South Carolina.

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