The Story of An Hour Summary

The Story of an Hour is a short story written by Kate Chopin which indicates the emotional journey of a woman named Louise Mallard after she found out that her husband died in a train accident. This story was published in Vogue Magazine in 1894. Today, The Story of An Hour Summary will tell you about this amazing story but before that, let me tell you about the characters in this story who played the main role in it. 

The Story of an Hour Characters: 

Louise Mallard:

She is a woman whose husband died in a train accident. She felt overjoyed when she learned that now she can live her life with her choice but that changes.

Brently Mallard:

He is the husband of Louise Mallard, who got in an accident while traveling on a train.


Josephine is Louise’s sister and is the one who informed Louise about her husband’s accident.


He is a friend of Brently Mallard. He found out about his death by a newspaper, and he was there when Josephine informed Louise. 

The Story of an Hour Theme:

The writer suggests that even the most successful and loving marriages can be oppressed too. Louise believes that Brently is one of the kindest people she has ever seen, But she still felt happy when she found out he is dead. Because she wanted independence, after all the happiness and care Lousine got from Brently, she still feels oppressed. Although then Lousine found out that society will never accept this freedom. And she also admits that she has oppressed Brently too. That’s why I would say the theme of this short story is 

                        The Ingrained Oppressiveness of the Marriages 

The Story of an Hour Summary

                Brently Mallard, who is the husband of Louise Mallard, got into an accident and died because of that. Now one must tell Louise about this drastic and terrifying news, but everyone was hesitating because Louise was a heart patient. Everyone was scared that she could bear this news. Richards, who is the friend Brently, found out about this by a newspaper. Well, finally Josephine decided to tell Louise about this. She went to her and gently broke the news. She started weeping and fell into Josphine’s lap.

               When the grief of this sudden death went away, she locked herself in her room and told everyone to leave her alone. She sat on an armchair and started looking at trees outside the window. She was shocked because of it. But when she looked outside and got deeper, she saw that these trees were asking her to start a new life and someone was singing far away.

      Louise is a young and fair lady whose face looks like she possesses great strength. Although, when she sits and stares out of the window, her brain is completely blank. She feels like she’s waiting for something, but it’s creating great chaos inside her that she doesn’t know what’s that. Well, she started realizing that her husband’s death made her free, and now she can live by herself without the interruption of anyone. She wanted to deny this epiphany but again, who doesn’t want freedom.

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        Louie admits that her husband loved her very much. She admits that they had a great relationship that others just dream of. But she thinks that that love was not enough as she wanted. Also, that love was occasional and not constant. She knows very well that she will cry at Brently’s funeral, but she also can’t help with the joy of imagining her life free from anyone’s expectations. 

    Out of fear and care of Lousine health, Josephine came to see if she is well. She knocks on the door, but Lousine shouts one her to go. She was imagining her happy life and didn’t want the interruption. She thinks that she is going to have a great life without fear of someone now. A life in which she will live only for her.

The Story of an Hour Summary Ending

         Eventually, Louise came down with her, too drastic from outside but happy from inside with countless joy in her eyes. But when they were descending, Brently entered the door safe and sound. Looks like he doesn’t even know what was happening behind his back. All the happiness and joy of Lousine turned down when she saw Brently. He was safe and sound and not even a scratch on it. Louisne got shocked and died because of a heart attack. The doctor checked her and said she died because of the overjoy she felt when her husband came back. But actually, she died because she clearly can see now there will be no point in living life with freedom.

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