The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Summary

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas is a philosophical fiction story by an American writer Ursula K. Le Guin. It was written in 1973. The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Summary is about a child who got imprisoned in a room by town people because they think that they can stay happy by imprisoning him. Hi guys, this is Zeeshan again from Book Summaries. Today we will come up with the Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Summary but first, let me tell you about its characters.

The One Who Walk Away from Omelas Characters

The Child:

The child is Omelas scapegoat who is blamed for others’ mistakes. He was forced to live in an alone, scary room without his choice.

The People of Omelas:

These people think that by imprisoning this child there suffering will end. In the beginning, some people tried to save him, but they also started thinking that it’s better if he is imprisoned.

The One Who Walk Away:

These are the people who left town after seeing the child. They went into some darkness from which they would never return. 

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Summary

     In this story, Le Guin describes the Utopian city of Omelas. This city was celebrating the summer festival. This city is known for the happiness of its citizens. The entire population of this city joins different kinds of parades to celebrate the festival. All boys and girls of the town are on the grounds with their horses practicing for the race.

The bells started ringing, and people began dancing; music was everywhere so people could enjoy their day. People of the Omelas have everything they can ask for; it seems like they have found a way to get away from all their sorrows and destructive things about their lives. Despite everything, the people of Omelas are knowledgeable, mature and their lives are not wretched by some kings and politicians. As I say, they are not ruled by any king, and if we talk about rules and law enforcement, this town has n military presence. They are not slaves of anyone and have no restrictions, although Le Guin suspects few. Furthermore, the people also don’t have any priests.

Well, that is life upon the grounds of Omelas, but there is another life, another dark life under the feet of Omelas too. An unknown child was imprisoned beneath one great building in a small room with no windows. They detained him because they thought he was a scapegoat who should live away from the population. 

Each person of the town has come to know about the existence of the child time by time.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas PDF

Almost everyone came to visit him, and many came again and again to see him. The town’s happiness depends upon the miserable life of that child. This thing was creating a massive conflict in citizens’ brains, and many of them don’t like this and raise their voices against it, but later, they also started thinking that it’s good if he is locked beneath buildings.

The Ending of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Summary

As I described above, most citizens started living their life normally and tried to overcome their guilt. They started doing their business by walking straight in front of the building where he was locked. It seems like they don’t care. But some people could not bear the idea that a child should live in misery to give others comfort. So, they left the city. Some went straight away when they found out about the child, and some left it after months and years of struggling with their guilt. People who left the city will never come back again.

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