It’s Kind of a Funny Story Book Summary

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a novel which a late American Author, Ned Vizzini, wrote in 2006. This novel was inspired by his medical condition when he suffered from depression. It’s Kind of a Funny Story Book Summary is about a 16-year-old kid named Craig Gilner who thinks he is mentally disturbed and tried suicide many time and then he got admitted into hospital for therapy and proper treatment. Today I will summarize this awesome story to you, which is also very great for teenagers especially. But first, let me tell you about its main Characters:

It’s Kind of Funny Story Characters:

Craig Gilner:

He is a 16-year-old kid who has tried committing suicide and then got himself admitted to the hospital for treatment. He likes Nia.


He is Craig’s best friend. He is a very intelligent guy. He is the boyfriend of Nia. He and Craig watch movies and hang out together.


She is the girlfriend of Aaron. She is Craig’s classmate. She has psychiatric problems. She is Craig’s romantic interest.


She is the one who has cut her face with scissors. Craig meets with her during his stay at Six North. They are in a relationship. 

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story Book Summary

 This book is based on writer Ned Vizzini’s own life. He got inspired by his five-day stay in a mental hospital for psychiatric treatment. He wrote it to highlight the issues of depression, anxiety, and pressure on people, especially teenagers, as our novel revolves around a teenager Craig Gilner, who got into depression because of the pressure of getting into a good college and scoring great marks. Although, Vizzini, who has written many books on the same issues himself, died by suicide in 2013 at 32. 

The novel takes place in Craig’s sophomore year at a very prestigious high school in which he was under quite a lot of pressure because his grades were slipping off. He had worked hard from the previous two years to get into this school and then an Ivy League. Along with all the pressure, he started feeling like he had got himself into isolation. He was also worried about his crush on his classmate Nia, his best friend Aaron’s girlfriend. With all this stress, he has the problem of eating less and sleep issues.

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His parents knew about his problems and tried their best to find a good doctor, and they found one who described him to take Zoloft. He got temporary relief and decided not to take medicine again, but soon later, he got himself into anxiety and depression. He got obsessed with death. 

One night he was on his suicide mission to jump out of a bridge when God had mercy on him, and he saw her mother reading a book named “How to Survive the Loss of Love.” He read that book step by step and decided to call a suicide hotline instead of committing suicide. He then decides to admit himself into the hospital because he thinks he needs Psychiatric help.

“Everybody has problems. Some people just hide their crap better than others.”
― Ned Vizzini, 

It’s Kind of a Funny Story Book Summary

Gilner is checked into Six North’s adult psychiatric unit because the teen wing is under restoration. There, he met a varied cast of adult personalities with a selection of psychological health and wellness problems, also one more teenage in-patient, Noelle. Cautious at first, Gilner doesn’t feel he belongs, yet he must remain for a minimum of 5 days.

He soon ends up being invested in his co-residents as well as attempts to assist solve their problems. In one circumstance, he procures Egyptian songs for his flatmate, Muqtada. He and Noelle, who has a facial disfigurement from cutting herself with scissors as a way of dealing with the previous misuse, establish a friendship.

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Throughout his five-day stay, Gilner discovers his passion for attracting maps in art treatment, which assists his healing. He develops a map of the head, which is a Support for just how he recognizes his (along with his other individuals’) mind. He additionally remains to consult with his specialist, Dr. Minerva.

After breaking up with Aaron, Nia goes to Gilner, and both kiss in Gilner’s space till Muqtada disrupts them, and Nia leaves, very upset. Aaron and Gilner had formerly argued over the phone and were just reconnecting when Aaron saw him on his last day at Six North. He apologizes for reducing Gilner’s psychological illness and describes that he and Nia are attempting to work things out between them. Likewise, on his last day, Gilner’s connection with Noelle ends up being romantic.

A mix of relationship therapy, as well as what he’s gained from other people, assists Gilner in recognizing as well as confronting his anxiety. He begins to eat typically again and also determines to seek art. His counselor recommends that he transfer from his elite college to an art-focused one, which excites Gilner, though he stresses whether his mom and dad will certainly agree. He leaves the health center with a sense of hope and revival, along with a more positive attitude to life.

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